Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quick Quick Slow

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Twenty minutes in a line of three people at Lordco Auto Parts in East Vancouver made our quick morning trip for head and tail light bulbs a true test of patience.

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rob-d said...

well !!!
now you're on to something
of great social importance
the complete waste of one's
all to short a time on this
rock o' pleasure perpetrated
by bored and mindless minions
of the rich and powerful both
of whom care not a fig that in
another version of this well
enacted scenario one may well
have given way to the base even primordial urge to revert to a
simple act of pure violence and
kill all those involved

except of course the man with the
camera who's skill is required to
justify that such a "knee jerk"
reaction was far from unconsidered
but rather a natural outcome of
gross inconsideration or was that
just fun

nicely done love ya'