Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Motor Away

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After viewing Michael Aivaliotis and Mike Moon's driving videos during Vlomo 08, I remembered some old footage I had driving my Saab 900. So listen to some copyrighted music and take a quick drive in the Saab. Lets motor away.


b said...

Oh god. How I miss driving, American stop signs, seeing minivans pass in a neighborhood. The guy you passed on the bike? That's me now. It is a lovely breath of fresh air, but I miss the view from behind the wheel. That's also the perfect soundtrack - talk about driving music. Thanks for showing me the thing I miss the most about life in the US. It was such a nice ride.

rob-d said...

just cruzin' the hood
just cuz you could

was it some time away
from the boys or the girl
or listening to the tunes
that only sound great when
you are in the same box as
they are and you're moving
or just making sure in your
mind that the car still can
move you not just A to B but
in that special way that you
feel sitting in that seat and
going ... where was it i was
going ... doesn't matter just
crank up a tune and roll

i felt like i was right there
with you right down to the fuzz
of the seats and clinging to the
seat belt to be sure it's fastened
and that i can release it when
we roll ahh yes i love to drive
but not so much to be driven

it made me feel good --- i'm
goin' for another spin buckle up !!!

Frank Carver said...

This is obviously part of a sub-genre. As well as the ones you mention I also like watching David Lee King's driving videos.

As a technical question - how/where did you mount the camera? Whenever I have tried this I have not found an obvious place to put it.

PaulD said...

@Frank-A tripod with two legs on the rear floor and one leg on the rear seat. Bungee cords were used to keep it from shifting.