Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slum Dog Gravenhurst

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Slum dog days at the Gravenhurst skate park.

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Rupert said...

Mad skills!
Great vids!
Who are the riders?

PaulD said...

The riders are my son Matthiew and his friend Adam.

Robert Croma said...

Beautifully done, Paul. And viva these young poets of expressive motion. Got to love skateboarders and bmxers. Such a great thing to do. More free, imaginatively built skateparks, I say.

rob-d said...

after all those
nasty comments
at last a true
skill set
the riders were
so easy and
hypnotic to watch
nice camera/editing
work too

b said...

Skillz indeed. I especially like the YouTube vid. Your editing is off the hook.