Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tyson's Tale

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Jesse tells the story of his best friend Tyson's recent motorcycle accident.

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rob-d said...

for your viewers who
realize that your family
is a large part of this
blog it should be told
that tyson is family for
the west coast part of
the family
i talked to him today just
after first seeing this
and am happy to say he is
slowly on the mend -- in
a wheelchair and just taking
his his first steps on crutches
it has been two months and
it will take more time to
reach any sense of normal
but he will be at some point

after all the pain and
putting his life on hold
he will look back on it all
and realize that he almost
lost his life because it was
less important to some fool
than stopping at red lights - letting pedestrians have there
right of way - looking before racing
through where you have no right
of way - and not noticing a human
on a motorcycle