Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taylor Creek Dump

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With the Toronto City Workers strike now officially settled, the clean up begins. Piles of garbage all over the city must be cleaned up within twenty four hours. Let the games commence. This is a Lumiere video.


Picket Line

Behind the picket line at the
Bermondsey Transfer Station. Torontonians bring their garbage to the picket line, where city workers take it from them, filling truck after truck after truck...
This is a Lumiere video.


Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks behind the picket lines of a transfer station during the city workers strike in Toronto. This is a Lumiere video.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toronto City Workers Strike

Toronto is now at the end of a month long city worker strike that has seen temporary garbage dumps in many of the city parks and outdoor arenas. These garbage dumps sit on the top of city storm sewers and with the heavy rains the city has experienced over the last couple of weeks,
these piles are now leaching any number of horrible substances into the water system. The good citizens of Toronto and elsewhere are taking advantage and dumping everything they can to avoid dumping fees and the city garbage collection limits. What a mess!