Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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The Segwun steams towards the wharf in Gravenhurst. This is a Lumiere video.



Anonymous said...

i've never seen the segwun out on the water,
only at the dock so i never knew that it
belched what looks like dirty coal smoke
--- clean coal only exists in u s election
speak --- it is probably diesel but in today's
world it takes away from the beauty of the ship
thanks again


what an absolute beautifull minute ! :
memory bits of he african queen, several missisipi movie bits with dark river boats steam, and yet it is all real: this moment, his week.

the time is always now.

well done! a memorable moment, preserved. and so well calibrated in its esquisite framing.
best, sam

Anonymous said...

i made one like this i forgot to post! i'm sure that's some sort of statement about synchronicity :)