Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blue Jay

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If you live in Ontario and have a bird feeder in your yard, you are guaranteed to have a Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) frequently feeding on it's contents. This is a Lumiere video.



Frank Carver said...

I don't know much about Canadian birds, but I can certainly recognize the Jays. I made a point of spotting a Stellars Jay in BC and a Blue Jay in the East.

It's great to get such big colourful birds in your gardens.

rob-d said...

that was great as usual
it does raise a question
did you invest serious
time into the training
of the jay to appear when
the red light is on or is
the camera left running
for endless hours to catch
whatever comes by or does
the jay only come when you
load up the feeder which
would be part of the training
of the bird or then again it
could be a combo of all three
of the above none of which
take into account the just
good ol' dumb luck

Anonymous said...

I love Blue Jays! We have Magpies here. They are enormous and loud but very pretty. We set up feeders on our tiny deck for the smaller birds - finches maybe? - but they don't come by as much now that we have a cat. Cat lays in window, birds stop trusting. So it goes.

You also have a ridiculous view. I think hammocks are awesome, though I'm always a little spooked that they will suddenly flip on me. I have a fear of falling backwards and/or suddenly, so my relationship with hammocks is a bit suspicious. We do our best when given the chance though.