Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toronto City Workers Strike

Toronto is now at the end of a month long city worker strike that has seen temporary garbage dumps in many of the city parks and outdoor arenas. These garbage dumps sit on the top of city storm sewers and with the heavy rains the city has experienced over the last couple of weeks,
these piles are now leaching any number of horrible substances into the water system. The good citizens of Toronto and elsewhere are taking advantage and dumping everything they can to avoid dumping fees and the city garbage collection limits. What a mess!


b said...

That is so unbelievably gross! Good f*cking grief, dude. I hope they clean it up asap!

MLS said...

That's just disgusting. Fortunately there were volunteers helping to pick up the garbage during the strike. It would be even worse if they didn't help. And apparently, the workers are going clean the city up during the weekend, let's hope they actually will do so. Regards, Julie.

rob-d said...

that point of view makes
it look like you were
living amongst the bags--
how was that ??
what ever poseessed you
to put you're camera there
in the first place

Rupert said...

brilliant camera position, imo
and nicely chosen moment to illustrate the madness of this.