Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High Waters

In the spring, high water in Kashe Lake creates once a year waterfalls at the dam on the south end. Here are three Lumiere videos of high water at the dam. Each with their own shadow play.



rob-d said...

this i never knew
though it has been
many years -- i think
it was when i showed
up on a bsa with helen
and i just bet you
remember that now don't
you ?

has this structure been
built since then ?? - but then
again the viet nam war was
a big concern then and a
couple or three things have
changed so i have been told

this was very good camera
work there may just be a
future --- crap i hope there
is a future --- what will
we do without one -- hard
to think about that
great vid
there would have been nothing
wrong with the sound of a water
fall so pack your mike
any thing else you want to know??
welcome home

rob-d said...
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